Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Green World

I often get comments about the color of the food I consume. I'm fond of any bit of nature that is green, and I find that chlorophyll rich plants are the most energy enhancing food I can include in my diet. Whether wheat grass, dark leafy greens, or a delicious green smoothie, the feeling of elation I experience after ingesting these wonderful miracles of nature are by far worth the ridicule. In an effort to prove to myself, and others, the perfection of a predominately greens based diet, I am surrounding myself for the next 30 days with all things green. Including all the aforementioned items, and excluding heavy nuts and fats.

I am also going to take a large portion of my time and devote it to greener living-- by working on my contributions as an environmentalist, I hope to make an impact on those around me about the importance of making green decisions throughout our lives. We all make an impact on the world through the sustainability of our food choices, the recognition of how many recyclable items we discard in the trash rather than a recycling bin, and the use of bikes and other lower emission vehicles that we all can most likely include as a part of our daily transportation needs.

In general, greener living is a necessity that has most cetainly fallen by the wayside. With people's schedules becoming more jam-packed everyday, sometimes it is hard to find the time, effort and energy needed to make the important changes for our well-being. I hope in having a green experience, I will find more balance and inner peace, and will be yet another example of the universe becoming aware of itself through the display of empathy, compassion, and love.

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  1. Hello Emily,

    how's your experiment coming along? I'd like to hear more about your "green experience".

    Rene -